Aircraft Engine Overhaul Service Facility


Aircraft Engine Overhaul Shop in Sand Springs, OK, at Pogue Airport

Having your aircraft regularly maintained by professionals may seem expensive and take a lot of time. However, ensuring your engine is properly maintained is a good measure for reducing and avoiding bigger problems in the future. 

Let Skyboss Aviation located in Sand Springs, OK, at Pogue Airport, make sure your engine and components are in their very best condition every time you fly.

Let our team be your one stop shop for all your aviation needs. We offer engine removal and installation, complete zero time engine overhaul, magneto and cylinder repair and avionics upgrades with our partner Air Electric and Tulsa Air Worx  

Why Choose Us

We offer our services with honesty and integrity and at fair rates. Our team works with attention to detail, so you know we will take care of all of your aviation needs.